Jan 30, 2011

weekend get-away

I was priviledged to accompany Barbara and "her girls" to New Orleans last weekend. They attended a two day Aveda "Serious Business" Program.. while I rested and played..Not all were able to go but there were seven of us that made the trip. I took a tour on Monday ...the Garden District, Business District, French Quarter, the Lower 7th. Ward and surrounding area that had been damaged the worst from the flood five years ago...that area is still in great need of repair and assistance.

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The Big Tease

That was yesterday...in the 70's...but watch out for February.! It was nice to be able to go out without bundling up. Would love to have been able to do some work in the yard but was unable to...will I ever regain some energy ????

I've just been staying in...knitting, re-arranging, trying to get some boxes of pictures better organized, attempting the impossible of finding more room in my closets ...just by moving things around...watching movies. 'Notice I omitted "cleaning house"..my bedroom is in a shambles...still unpacked from trip last weekend to New Orleans..the suitcase is open and items strewed around on the beds and chair..and floor! When I have to get dressed to go out somewhere I try several different things until I'm half-satisfied about what to wear...but fail to re-hang or put away...THAT'S NOT ME...

I can't seem to get myself to bed at night..even tho I get very tired I just don't want to go to sleep...strange. When I tire of the computer I usually stretch out on the couch, watch movies till I fall asleep...cloths on, lamps on...life changes when you suddenly are living alone with on one to be accountable to...I even drink straight out of the OJ bottle!!!.skip pouring into a glass..that's what kids and/or most men do! Some days I don't brush my teeth or change clothes 'til afternoon.!

Ran across the lyrics to a song that pretty much describes how I feel some days.

"Another day wasted out of time
I can't get out of this
Altered state of mind
I'm going overboard
My conscience meets decline
Into Reality
I know this can't be fine

Cause I'm all messed up
Making prefect nonsense
Drowning in my doubt too well
Cause I'm all messed up
Going nowhere fast but circles in my mind
So blind

Who are these voices in my head
I can't go on like this
Living like the dead
I haven't slept so long
Feeling sad I dread
I'm talking to myself
Forgot what I just said"

Not all my days are like that..
Gonna get up from this computer, have a glass of OJ,  go clean up my bedroom and get ready for church.

Jan 26, 2011

for Barb

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