Feb 24, 2010

We Have Kitchen Cabinets !!!

The cooktop will be installed in this island after the appliances (black) are delivered ...
Pay no attention to that green wall in the background....mistake...it will be painted another color...probably the same brown as the other walls or a lighter (or darker?) shade of it

porch still in progress.but the ceiling fans have been hung..

Barb wrote scriptures on the sub-flooring....floors will be installed tomorrow or Friday...

Feb 18, 2010

Getting Close...two more weeks (maybe)

Until this last week most of Feb. was too wet and muddy for work to be done.
The painters started inside on Monday and finished today.
Yesterday the septic tank location was dug, placed, approved and covered up!
Also, the ditch was dug to lay the power and water lines...all the way up the side of Barb's yard to the street.
Next week the electricial lights will be installed and following that, the kitchen cabinets and floors will be laid.
They've got to finish the porch (railing and screen) and build the handicap ramp.

Feb 3, 2010

Bob's first visit into our new home

The inside doors and trim were delivered today for installation tomorrow...