Aug 26, 2012

Anna and Jeremy

On March 24 of this year Anna, the daughter of Sherry Harding Veal (a long-time friend of Barb's) married her beloved, Jeremy.. A few short weeks later Jeremy took a new job and went to Memphis for training as a Sub-Contractor for CVRS Telecommunications, installing cable TV, Internet, and phone lines for Mediacom in Northern Alabama. During a training exercise he fell and sustained serious head injuries... This video is for them

Aug 19, 2012

I Will Wait For You

It was so easy for me to fall in love with you. You were what I had been waiting and longing for. I am 77 years old and I've loved your since I was 16... The hardest most painful thing I've ever experienced is being away from you... I miss holding your hand, sitting side by side in church or in the theater... shoulders touching...I miss having you in bed beside me, hearing you snore..I miss looking across the room and seeing you there, even thou we could go for hours without talking we were together...we were there with each other...I miss your encouragement...I miss hearing your voice... When evening comes and I'm so alone, I close my eyes and I can feel your strong arms wrap around me, your sweet kisses and whispers of "I love you". My heart breaks from loneliness. My soul prays that we will be together again. I'm longing for that moment. God knows how much I miss you. We may be apart, but my love for you is even stronger. My Love, all I want is to share each moment with you... for now I will wait for that moment.