Jun 9, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday...a few hours late as it is now 4am Sat.

Bob's mother, Emma Marie Randolph Peete died in 1939 at the approximent age of 30 years...Bob was 10 years old. We know very little about her. I never realized how much they favored in looks until I put these two pictures together. 
I wonder what she was like.........

Jun 1, 2012

Something New...Vintage Photo Friday

This photo is of my fathers' mother,  Martha Evangeline Bagwell Stallings; the baby in her arms was my father, Edward Verious Stallings  1914-1965, and the little boy is his brother Walter Bryant Stallings... Later there were two additional children born to Martha: Earl Stallings and  Margaret  Stallings Beam.
they resided in North Carolina.

Re: my Uncle Earl:
The Reverend Earl Stallings was an American Baptist minister and activist in the U.S. civil rights movement. Earl Stallings was born March 20, 1916 in Durham, North Carolina. He died when he was 89 in his retirement home in Lakeland, Florida on February 23. 2005.
 The Rev. Earl Stallings was a  prominent Baptist pastor in Birmingham, Ala., who in 1963 risked the rejection of his own white congregation, and worse, by seating African-American worshipers among them at his Easter service and urging reconciliation amid the city's erupting racial antagonism.
Reverend  Stallings was one of eight signers of the open letter "A Call For Unity," which precipitated a critical response from Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. in his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." Despite this, Stallings was the only clergy whom King praised by name in his letter, given that Stallings had opened the doors of his church to black worshipers. This same action angered members of his white congregation. One of the blacks allowed in was the civil rights leader Andrew Young. As a result of his moderate stance, Stallings became a target of both conservative segregationists and liberal integrationists. Tension over the issue so divided the church that it eventually split over the issue, following Stallings' departure.

Rev. Earl Stallings                                                                              Edward Verious Stalling 1944