Dec 27, 2009

Jan. 4th. 2010...
The plumbers have been working here  yesterday and today ....the house was treated with termit prevention and the carpenters are working on the side porch. Barbara has ordered the walk-in handicap shower, when it arrives they can finish framing out the inside walls....the windows are due to arrive Wednesday...We are getting estimates for the cabinets and trying to decide on which ones we want...decisions, decisions, decisions...
Do we want the island stained or painted?, black? white?...the appliaces are going to be black. We want lightly stained cabinets and  dark countertops...I think :) Maybe we should just paint the cabinets white ??? any suggestions? We don't want a contemporary look (such as black & white) we'll probably go with a light stain...We haven't decided what color the walls will be either...

This is the style the cabinet doors will be..but not this dark...

here are three different stains and countertops we are thinking about...I think we're leaning toward the lightest..

They've covered all the windows with insulation ???

Yeserday (Dec. 30th.) they started adding the porch

Dec. 25th  2009

Dec. 23rd

Dec. 22nd. Bobs first visit to the site

Dec. 21st. the flooring is down

Dec. 17th...laying the blocks

Dec. 7th..preparing the footing

Nov. 18th...clearing out some trees..

The original floor plan...we will have the front porch all the way across..and no back porch..Mike added 2 feet to the width and length of this plan.
I believe it is going to be 32.6' x 30'..also going to turn the island in the kitchen and make it a bit longer.
some other changes as well..where the washer/dryer closet is will be open with a built in computer desk.