Jun 30, 2010

some new furnishings for the "cabin"

the floral print chair from Pier One
wall clock ... Hobby Lobby

Yard Swing.....Lowes Hdwe.

Porch Rocker...Pier One
Lamp ...Richards Lighting

dressing table w/chair...I found on Craigs List...only $200

wall cross...Hobby Lobby

pink desk chair,Office Depot.....kids floor shelf unit, Super Target...media shelf unit, Hobby Lobby

I'm presently searching for a small "garden bridge" to put across the ditch that lies between the back yards of Barbs house and mine...

Jun 10, 2010


Gardeners are - let's face it - control freaks. Who else would willingly spend his leisure hours wresting weeds out of the ground, blithely making life or death decisions about living beings, moving earth from here to there, changing the course of waterways? The more one thinks about it, the odder it seems; this compulsion to
remake a little corner of the planet according to some plan or vision.

- Abby Adams, What is a Garden Anyway

It began with a bench and some caladiums...4/27/10
At my "house warming party" I received wind chimes, a sun-catcher spinner for the yard, a garden flag, a bird house, 3 crape myrtle trees, a ginko tree, an azalea, a knock-out rose bush,  and with gift certificates I purchases 5 spirea shrubs and  another knock-out rose..

I've added a bird bath, ferns, bird feeders, wind chimes, rocks and a glider..

I had the beautiful little garden angel outside but the geese knocked her over and broke off one wing and both her hands...hot-glued them back on but afraid to put her back outside.

I bought the leaded glass window at the flea market in Nashville....