Oct 26, 2011

Red Hat Society

My latest hat creation...modeled by Barbara...
I made this one for my sister-in-law who is a member of the "Red Hat Society"

Oct 25, 2011

A Fresh Endeavour

So now I've taken leave of life,
I thought you'd like to know, I still
Possess a mind in love, oh wife;
A soulful eye to catch a show of
Silent beauty – ever yours;

An ear to pick the metaphors
Of tonal dance in words you say,
Grasp a thought in verse you pray
Inside your head, bemused of mind,
Softly mournful, intertwined with
Understanding tears.

I'll drift a whisper o'er to you
To tell that I am quietly calm;
Keeping time till your adieu
To flesh, upon the carol of a
Psalm of consummation.
A fresh endeavour – we're forever
One together, resting yonder,
Cross our open plane of blue.

 Mark R Slaughter 2009

Oct 21, 2011

Molly Girl

She's finally growing into her Texas Longhorn sweater...and she has needed it this week...but it's going back up into the 70's today..

Oct 1, 2011

New Hats for sale at The Gentle Touch Salon

November is Brest Cancer Awareness Month...so I made this one...